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Treat yourself or a loved one to one of Cape Cod’s best treasures!


Cape Cod is a truly unique place to be. There are shops, restaurants, bakeries, and beaches around every corner. With a Cape Cod Dining Club membership card, you can experience the Cape’s best finds with a one of a kind discount. Whether it be a percentage off your meal at a local fine dining establishment, or a free frozen treat at your favorite ice cream parlor. This one of a kind membership has you covered Why wait? Become a member of the dining club that has been exclusively serving Cape Cod since 1978!




The Cape Cod Dining and Shopping Club was established in 1978, and is in its 38th year. The club was purchased in 2011 from the previous owner John Rega by husband and wife team Carole and Mark. Carole had received the membership each year as a Christmas gift from a dear friend, and always loved the amazing offerings that the membership offered.